Levies Collection Study
Market Value of Private Copying Levies on Digital Equipment and Media in Europe (Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and Sweden)

Summary and Key Findings
The present study considers the collection of copyright private copying levies on media and equipment in nine European countries.
The countries surveyed include Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain and Sweden. Starting in 2001, each country analysis provides a detailed view of the current levy revenues and a projection of the levy collection for the years 2006 to 2010. The current study complements and expands a previous levies collection surveyed published in September 2003.
Calculations are based on market value and capture both actual and disputed levies tariffs. In each case the effect of claimed but disputed levies are shown separately.
Key Findings
1. The study confirms that since adoption of the European Union Copyright Directive in 2001 a major expansion of the levy collection is in progress through the application of levies to digital media and equipment.
2. The analysis of the digital media and equipment market reveals that the progressive extension of levies will more than triple levies collection by 2007 in countries under review. Specifically, levies collected on digital and analogue media and equipment in the surveyed countries totalled €534.40m in 2001. Levies collection will increase to an estimated €1.56bn in 2006, to €1.78bn in 2007, and to €2.06bn in 2009. These figures exclude levies that are currently claimed but disputed.
3. Despite growth in the DRM protected online music market, the figures show no corresponding decrease in levies collected.
4. The study shows that if the claimed but disputed new levies tariffs in Austria, Germany, Netherlands and Spain were to be effectively applied, levies collection in the countries surveyed would raise to €3.313bn in 2006 and €4.567bn in 2009.
Added to the sums already eligible the amount collected by country could be as follows:
  • Austria: €106.06m in 2006 and €350.25m in 2009
  • Germany: €1.29bn in 2006 and €1.54bn in 2009
  • Netherlands: €513.02m in 2006 and €822.92m in 2009
  • Spain: €406.51m in 2006 and €465.45m in 2009