EURIMAG is committed to contribute to reinforcing the competitiveness of the European economy. As representatives of a highly innovative sector EURIMAG's member companies are ideally placed to support the development of a European knowledge based society. Being in a position to make an effective contribution, however, requires a smooth functioning of the Internal Market, in general, and for our member companies' products, in particular. EURIMAG will therefore work towards identifying and removing barriers that prevent the well functioning of the EU Internal Market.


Innovation is the key driver of competitiveness, for the European economy in general, and for the IT imaging and printing sector, in particular. Consequently, R&D is our industry's most important area of investment. Working towards a regulatory environment that not only protects but also encourages innovation, including an improved European framework for Intellectual Property Rights, is therefore one of EURIMAG's key priorities.


Consumers are key to the imaging and printing sector's success and therefore at the heart of our industry's innovation efforts. Our member companies are constantly working to develop imaging solutions that meet the needs and facilitate the lives of consumers. They recognize the legitimate and important role that consumer associations play in voicing consumer needs. This is why EURIMAG is committed to maintain a constant and constructive dialogue with consumer associations at national and European level.

Culture and education

In the digital age, imaging technology not only facilitates artistic creation but has become an indispensable means for the dissemination of artistic and cultural works. Another function of modern imaging technology is the conservation of our cultural heritage through the digitalisation of archives, libraries and art collections. Furthermore, the integration of imaging technologies in education is an opportunity for increased quality, diversity and effectiveness in education and training systems. EURIMAG will therefore work towards the creation of a policy environment that will further facilitate and strengthen the beneficial relationship between imaging technologies and the areas of culture and education.

Copyright levies

Copyright levy payments, large pending liabilities and high accruals put a tremendous burden on the European IT imaging and printing industry. Today, our members are obliged to pay levies on multifunctional printers in 13 EU Member States and levies on printers in 5 EU Member States. Liabilities in pending court cases have forced the IT imaging and printing industry across Europe to build up extremely high accruals. Achieving an EU copyright levies framework which effectively balances the legitimate needs and rights of authors, consumers and the IT imaging and printing industry is therefore one of EURIMAG's primary objectives.