Copyright levies affect innovative products in an increasingly disproportionate way.
New features are added, technology is improved and consumer prices decrease. Yet the levy rate continuously increases, eventually exceeding the retail price.
Economically such a system cannot be maintained!
Every Member State applies different criteria to calculate levies for the same device when it crosses an internal market border.
Crossing an EU internal border still requires complex and costly administrative procedures. Products need to be reclassified, import/export declarations have to be completed and levies have to be paid in the country of origin and country of destination.
There is no internal market!
Everytime a product crosses an EU internal market border, a different levy applies.
Levies claimed in various EU Member States on an all-in-one inkjet printer vary between €178,84 and €0,64 cent. On exactly the same product!
EURIMAG fully supports fair compensation of rights holder for private copies made of their works. However, it is concerned by the way copyright levy systems are implemented across Europe. EURIMAG believes that copyright levy systems should be FAIR, TRANSPARENT, PROPORTIONATE, ALIGNED and MODERN.

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