The IT Imaging and Printing

Industry in Europe

Everytime a product crosses an EU internal market border, a different levy applies. Copyright levy payments, large pending liabilities and high accruals put a tremendous burden on the European IT imaging and printing industry.

Achieving a modern EU framework to compensate right holders, which effectively balances the legitimate needs and rights of authors, consumers and the IT imaging and printing industry is EURIMAG's core objective.



Latest publications

Press Release: EU Court declares Belgian reprography levies illegal
BRUSSELS (November 12th, 2015) - Eurimag, the association representing the European imaging and printing industry, welcomes...
Press Release: EU Highest Court confirms copyright levies on devices sold to businesses are illegal
The Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) acknowledges that the application of the 'private copying levy' to reproduction media...
Innovation is harmed
Copyright levies affect innovative products in an increasingly disproportionate way. New features are added, technology is...
Inconsistant Criteria
Every Member State applies different criteria to calculate levies for the same device when it crosses an internal market...
Distorted Internal Market
Everytime a product crosses an EU internal market border, a different levy applies. Levies claimed in various EU Member States...
Redevances de Droits d'auteurs en Belgique
EURIMAG, l’Association Européenne de groupes d’Imagerie, soutient le principe selon lequel les détenteurs de droits se...

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... that an all-in-one printer than can print, fax and copy, with an average retail price of € 100 can attract a copyright levy of about € 180 in Belgium, € 12 in Germany and no copyright levies at all in the Netherlands?